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Anger management, also known as anti-aggression or anti-violence training, refers to a training course, which is composed of a larger number of theoretical, practical, and physical exercises and serves to prevent the aggressive behavior in everyday life or is used to reduce its intensity. The oldest course of Anger Management is now standardized and validated, but there are a great number of other various courses that have been put together by psychologists, educators, and social psychologists for various needs and have been adapted to the clients and their needs.

Each type of the anti-aggression training has as a purpose preventing or reducing aggressive behavior, so that it could be controlled in everyday life and in any situation. These cognitive and emotional components are observed and analyzed. In addition to that, the participants are artificially confronted with aggressive behavior, not only their own, but also with that of others.

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They have to learn to deal with an obstacle, which often becomes a cause of such uncontrolled aggressive behavior, without even using a force, even if they have the physical strength to make it go out of the way when they meet it. Thus, violence is presented as a weakness. Whoever strikes, is not strong enough to take advantage of better conflict resolution options.

In the training sessions, controlled situations are made (simulated) in which aggressive behavior occurs. By learning to deal with this kind of situation, patient are learning to control their behavior and tries to find a non-aggressive alternative to the possible conflict resolution. Thus, participants of the training program learn how they can deal with such problems in a better way.

The techniques used in such therapy sessions are largely adapted from U.S. institutions and concepts, methods that have been developed and specified in various therapy groups. Publicly, they are mainly known as those used by ‘Glen Mills Schools’, which stood at the origin of the Guided Group Interaction and used Methods known as the ‘hot seat’.

Students, who have decided to prepare their research proposals on anger management, must remember that participation in any of these courses can be voluntarily. It has sometimes a positive effect on the further procedure, when the prisons inmates themselves take a decision to participate in such a therapy group. The training is generally not for offenders who are prone to psychological or sexual violence (sexual offenders) because the exercises are not designed for this.

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