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Sex offender is a legal term for offenders committed a crime where the offense is of a sexual nature.

Sexual offenses include multiple offenses where the act is of a sexual nature, which includes several different situations. Usually extra-familiar crimes (crimes outside the family circle) and intra-familial offenses (within the family) are separated. The extra violations can occur as assault when the victim is in dependence to the offender, done in conjunction with entertainment between superficially familiar people, taking place after the contact made through social media on the internet, or in the circle of friends. A group of perpetrators are serial sex offenders and commit similar crimes again and again, while others commit a particular crime.

To write a good research paper on the topic you must know that among sex offenders, there is a high proportion of versatile criminal profile, for whom a sex crime is one of many disparate crimes the person committed during his life.

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A study from Australia has shown that 60% of those who were convicted of rape of adult and child sex offenses, had a high proportion of long-time criminals, and to 88% among those who committed sexual crimes again had a substantial criminal career alongside sex offenses. Another study from the USA has proven to be as recurrent convicted of sexual offenses against children, are slightly more prone to specialization, although the most common is that they are largely versatile with many disparate crimes during their lives. The younger such a person is at the time of the sexual offense, the more common is a general criminal versatility. Versatility is associated with the persons grown up in criminals families, where the mother was a teenager at birth, and that the persons shown early sexual behavior. Those who specialize in sex crimes have a more varied background than those with long criminal career.

Within the group of sex offenders are also a great versatility regarding modus operandi. However, there are different estimates how common it is for serial offenders choose victims of different sexes or of the criminal offenses committed in diverse relationships, which should be due to the fact that studies did not separate different kinds of sexual offenses. Most indications are that if they were abused as adolescents, they are more likely to attack persons of both sexes, and further that the assault victims will be either children or adults.

Those who offend against children are usually in their late teens or over 30 years, the first time they commit offenses of this type. Those who belong to the older group have usually already been convicted of any offense, prior sexual offense.

The percentage of recidivism is according to international studies, around 10-15% within five years after release. A risk factor is hyper sexual disorder.

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