Research Paper on Animal Farm and Russian Revolution

Animal Farm is a fable by George Orwell published in 1945, describing a farm where the animals revolted, took power, and chase the men, as a result of the men negligence towards them. It is a fable in which Orwell offers a satire of the Russian Revolution and a critique of Stalinism.

The events and characters in Animal Farm are inspired by the history of the Soviet Union. Orwell wrote explicitly about Napoleon that he associates with Stalin in one of his letters. The other characters are often generic concepts and association with a historical figure and are indicative only.

George Orwell wrote Animal Farm inspired by the history of the USSR. One day the animals, animated by the ideals of an old pig (Old Sage), decide to rebel against their masters in the hope of independent living in equality, mutual aid, and peace among all.

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The farm, fallen into their hands, is managed in accordance with the seven commandments that advocate pacifism while defining specific animals presented as an asset. The man is clearly pointed as an enemy and has to disappear; the cohesion is created around this threat. Pigs quickly take power, enslaving other animals, using their superior intelligence to handle their fears and change the past to their advantage. Ideals are quickly denatured, generous principles gradually rogue. A dictator emerges, hunting his main rival Snowball, runs the “traitors” to consolidate his power. He quickly established a cult of personality and keeps its congeners is in a state of submission in the grueling exhausting work. However, he keeps their hope set on an unattainable goal, promising them a better life, keeping this utopia. The years go by and nothing seems to distinguish the pigs from their former masters. All this refers to Stalinism.

The history of the farm animals is clearly similar to that of the USSR. The approach taken is, however, not objective, the author summarizes the methods applied under the Stalinist regime, which allows the reader to better understand the mindset of leadership and direction of decisions.

In all dictatorships practices, something common can be found:

  • The cult of personality;
  • The demonization of the enemy used as propaganda tools to create cohesion;
  • Voluntarism;
  • Art in the service of propaganda;
  • A theory of Revisionism largely developed by Orwell in his book 1984.

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