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William Franklin Graham (November 7, 1918) is an American religious and public figure, Minister of the Baptist Church. A member of the largest Baptist Association in the world, Southern Baptist Convention. For many years, he is the spiritual adviser of the United States Presidents.

Use free example research papers on the topic to know that Billy Graham was born in North Carolina into the farm family of father William Franklin Graham and his mother Morrow Coffey. He was brought up in the Reformed Presbyterian Church Association. In 1933, when prohibition was repealed in the United States, his father made him and his sister drinking beer till Billy started to vomit, which gave him a persistent aversion to alcohol.

According to his official biography, Billy Graham became a believer in Jesus Christ in 1934, after he heard a series of sermons by evangelist Mordecai Ham.

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When Billy finished school in 1936, he began enrolled in Bob Jones University in Cleveland, Tennessee (at the time it was a college). However, soon enough he decided to give it up, as it seemed to him too conservative in terms of Theology and requirements.

In 1937, Graham moved to Florida Bible Institute, which had less strict rules, but his education did not last long. Eventually, he graduated from Wheaton College in Illinois in 1943.

In 1943, Graham married Ruth Bell (1920-2007), who was one of his fellow students Wheaton College. Ruth parents were from Presbyterian Church mission in China.

Billy and Ruth got married after they graduate the college. Together they had five children: Virginia (1945), Anne Graham Lotz (1948), Ruth (1950), Franklin Graham (1952, is the head of the international organization Samaritan’s Purse) and Ned Graham (1958, the head of the organization distributing Christian literature in China).

During his studies at the Seminary of Wheaton College Billy Graham was ordained as Minister of the Southern Baptist Convention, in 1939, after he served as a pastor in the village church in Western Springs, Illinois).

Graham had planned a series of Evangelistic meetings in Los Angeles in 1949 year. He mounted a large circus tent in the Park to carry out these services. These meetings have had such a success that lasted eight weeks instead of three, planned in the beginning. These gatherings in Los Angeles made him the religious personality on a national scale.

Billy Graham has served as President of Northwest College from 1948 to 1952 Minnesota with. He founded the Evangelical Association of Billy Graham (EABG) in 1950, headquartered in Minneapolis. He later moved the headquarters to Charlotte, North Carolina.

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