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Nicholas Sparks was born on 31 December 1965 in Omaha, Nebraska. He is a son of Professor Patrick Michael Sparks (1942-1996) and housewife Jill Emma Marie Sparks (1942-1989). He is a world famous American writer, author of best-selling novels. According to conservative estimates, worldwide, there have been sold about 80 million copies of books by Sparks (of which more than 50 million – in the United States) in 45 languages. Themes of his work are inextricably linked with Christianity, love, fate and human feelings. Nicholas Sparks has published 17 novels.

In 1985, while studying at the School Sparks wrote his first work The Passing, which, as well as The Royal murders (1989), was never published.

He studied at the Notre Dame University on an athletic scholarship. In 1985, with his team he won his first athletic competition – 4×800 meter relay with a record time, not beaten yet.

Graduated, Sparks wanted to become a lawyer, also worked as a realtor, waiter, and seller.

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In 1990, co-authored by a native Lakota Indian Reservation, Olympic champion in 1965 in 10,000 m Billy Mills, Sparks wrote a paper in the genre of pop psychology Wokini: A Lakota Journey to Happiness and Self-Understanding. For the first year, about fifty thousand copies of the book were sold.

In 1992, Sparks began working for a pharmaceutical company and moved to Greenville, South Carolina. In his free time, he began to write the novel The Notebook. In 1994, the novel was seen by Theresa Park, a literary agent, who had him the contract for one million dollars signed. The Notebook was released two years later in October and topped the list of best-selling books in the start week of sales.

Sparks later wrote several best-sellers. Seven of them were adapted.

Nicholas Sparks met his wife Kathy during the spring break in 1988; they were married in July 1989. Currently, Nicholas and Katie live in New Bern, North Carolina, along with five children (the sons Ryan, Miles, Landon, and her daughter Lexie and Savannah).

Nicholas Sparks – Catholic. For his family, he regularly attends church. According to Nicholas, he reads about 125 books a year.

In Nicholas Sparks has English, Irish, German and Czech roots. He is an avid athlete who trains every day. Sparks weekly runs 30 miles, and 4 times per week engaged with the rod in the gym. In addition, Nicholas has a black belt in taekwondo.

In 2000, the People Magazine recognized Sparks as the most attractive author of the year.

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