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Bodybuilding is amateur or professional sports discipline. It is based on the muscular development of the body by stimulating the hypertrophy of skeletal muscle as a result of the weight training while reducing the body fat for the better visual muscle separation.

Originated in ancient Greece, the modern bodybuilding appeared in Europe at the end of the eighteenth century. Prussian strongman Eugen Sandow who is generally considered as “The Father of Modern Bodybuilding” became famous through the demonstration of his body at the numerous exhibitions or shows in France, Great Britain and the United States. He was one of the first to seek a muscular aesthetic rather than a demonstration of brute force.

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Bodybuilding as a sport took its current form by the end of the 40s in the USA thanks to brothers Ben and Joe Weider, who founded the IFBB in 1946. One of the most famous bodybuilders is Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has won 7 titles of the Mr. Olympia competition ( in 1970 – 1 975 and 1980 ) and five Mr. Universe titles.

In recent years bodybuilding is very popular due to the spread of the ideas of a healthy lifestyle, it finds its partisans not only among young people, there is a growing interest shown by the different age groups, up to eighty-year-old men and women. One of the most famous aged bodybuilders is Tsutomu Tosaka from Japan.

This research paper topic can be of great interest for a student due to its actuality in the modern society, its growing popularity all over the world and its influence on our health, our lifestyle or our culture. It can be studied in many different aspects and connections, and maybe it can provide the answers we have been looking for a long time. An interested student can compose a good research paper on this topic because of its polyhedral nature and its great history. Each facet of this phenomenon can be developed into an individual and completely different study and give you a great deal of a knowledge to gain.

Composing a research paper on bodybuilding requires a lot of special skills. The topic is very multiplex and needs thorough research and penetrating analysis. To create a good college research project you must refer to reliable sources, read a lot of sport literature and study the whole process of the genesis of the phenomenon.

You should carefully analyze its causes and factors affecting its formation and development, how bodybuilding influenced other sports disciplines. In return, you get a vast topic for your studies and by the unique experience in the study of such questions. There are a lot of free examples of research papers and research proposal samples about this kind of sports. Find the most suitable research paper to write a good paper assigned in your university or college.

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