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A cartoon is a graphic that tells a funny or satirical story in a drawing. No words were originally used for the pictorial wit.

Cartoons appear mainly in weekly newspapers and magazines.

If you are looking for a sample to succeed in writing Cartoons research paper, you should know that the term ‘cartoon’ comes from the French word “carton,” which means a large piece of cardboard and the sketch was drawn on it initially called frescoes or tapestries.

English word “cartoon” is also referred to animated cartoons (animation).

The cartoon has a broad tradition in American and British newspapers. Renowned magazines such as the New Yorker (founded in 1925) adorn every issue with a large number of cartoons and employ their cartoonists.

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The British satirical magazine Punch (founded in 1841) printed the first cartoons in the modern sense. Hit first use the term “cartoon” to refer to comic drawing in 1845, which was first used ironically, however, became later the regular term for this kind of art. Dialogues between the protagonists were printed under the drawing. The cartoons by Punch dealt not only with policy but picked up – often in a very concise way – “hot” topics of society, situation comedy, and everyday conflicts.

There was and still is the difference between cartoons, political cartoons, and abusive drawings on individuals (whose tradition can be traced back to antiquity). A cartoon can translate into a concise, witty picture story potentially every aspect of social life; as a comic drawing, however, a cartoon has its entertainment value and has not only a comment on current affairs or political criticism. Thus, it forms its art form that has its permission in addition to other small forms such as anecdotes. Its difference from a mere spoken joke is that the cartoon does not do without the drawing because it significantly contributes to the comic effect.

Accompanying texts and dialogues of the protagonists in the animation are usually kept very short and laconic and are printed above or below the image or inserted in balloons beside the speaking character. Usually, a cartoon is written and drawn by a single person, but there also are also closely cooperating teams of illustrators and writers, such as Katz and Goldt or Greser and Lenz. The cartoon content is very various, ranging from simple daily political satire to drawings, whose comic effect is based on the ironic quotations of pop culture. There are as well the cartoons on scientific topics, but they can be referred to a special division as they are drawn by the American cartoonist Sidney Harris.

To reach a desired comic effect cartoon may use both drawings and written elements. Cartoonists often develop an individual graphical style that gives them recognition and helps them to find a position in the highly competitive market.

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