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Graffiti is an image, pictures or inscriptions, scratched out, written or drawn with paint or inks on the walls and other surfaces. Graffiti may refer to any type of the street painting on walls where it is possible to find everything: from the simple written words to the refined pictures.

If the decision to write a successful research paper on the topic is made, it seems to be a good idea to study some free example research proposals on graffiti in order to know all the various nuances of the subject as well as to get a great deal of the relevant data giving you opportunity to learn that in the historical science this term had been used for a long time, but in more narrow sense. When we discuss ancient epigraph monuments, we divide the concepts of “graffiti” and “dipinti”. If the last designates inscriptions with paint, then “graffiti” are scratched inscriptions (the term directly originates from the Italian verb graffiare, which means to scratch).

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Presently spray art, id est drawing graffiti by means of aerosol paint, became considerably popular.

The word “graffiti” originates from the Italian concept of graffiato (“scratched”). In the history of arts, the term “graffiti” is usually applied for denotation of images that were scratched on a surface. This technology was used first by potters that cut out their signatures on the finished products.

Then, graffiti were scratched on walls by means of a sharp object, using for this purpose a coal or a chalk.

Wall inscriptions are known from the deep antiquity, they have been discovered in the Ancient East, in Rome (Pompeii, Roman catacombs), and Greece: Greek verb ??????? – graphein (to write) has the same base. In course of time, the word began to designate any graphic arts painted on a surface and considered by many as an act of vandalism.

It is considered that the modern history of graffiti is closely related to the hip-hop-culture and that numberless amount of styles that are coming from the New York subway graffiti. In spite of it, there are many other remarkable examples of graffiti. At the beginning the XX century, graffiti began to appear on the boxcars and in the underground passages. One of such graffiti – Texino – dates back to the 1920s. During the World War Two and a few subsequent decades the phrase of “Kilroy was here” became widespread all over the world. This phrase was written by the American troops, and it quickly became part of the American mass culture.

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