Research Paper on Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Development of speech is basic description of a general development for a child. At normal development children have good capabilities for mastering a language. There is close connection between speech development and cerebrum. Speech is a higher psychical function, for this reason, proper speech development depends on cerebration. The mature cortex, properly formed speech apparatus and good hearing are important factors for the normal development of speech. To all enumerated it is needed to add speech environment that similarly will provide the valuable influence on forming speech skills in the child.

Using of research papers on childhood apraxia of speech may give you a deeper understanding of the phenomenon, including the main cause for its apparition. They also can be considered good guide showing you the most usable way to collect, process, and present the results of your investigation. However, you have to careful in choosing the source of these proposals as there a lot of poor-quality imitations.

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Childhood apraxia of speech is a frequent phenomenon and reasons defiant such a disorder are very various. It is never limited to the defects in the pronunciation: a child similarly can badly distinguish sounds, to have a little active and passive dictionary, have difficulties lining up phrases and sentences.

As reasons for speech apraxia we can mention:

  • accidents during pregnancy and partus;
  • speech apparatus dysfunctions and disorders;
  • sound-sensing apparatus dysfunctions and disorders;
  • arrested psychical development;
  • unfavourable influences of heredity and social factors, i.e. insufficient speech communication and education of child.

The process of speech mastering goes with considerable difficulties for those children that fall behind in physical development, those who suffered diseases in early age, weak, and those, whoever does not get proper nutrition.

In most cases, hearing defects become a reason for the delay of speech development. That is to say, bad hearing can result in arrested speech development. If a young child is not able to hear the sound, he will not react to them and he will not be able to imitate them. A senior child uses plenty of gestures and attentively watches motions of lips of talking man. But these signs are not sufficient, for the correct estimation the child hearing because we cannot do exact, literate conclusions only on the basis of behavioural elements that carry a subjective character.

Childhood apraxia of speech should be fixed in child’s age because it is exactly in preschool period when child speech develops especially intensively and not corrected speech defects, in the future will cause certain difficulties in communication. Besides difficulties in communication these effects will necessarily result in psychological disorders in the kid, harming the process of his educating not allowing to expose all child’s capabilities and possibilities.

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