Research Proposal on Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education is the education of the children who have not grown up to the school age. The problem of early childhood education is quite a controversial one, because there two main opinions concerning this topic: the ones support this idea and the others think that it is not right to impose studying on the little children. Early childhood education is becoming more and more popular. Furthermore, the school age is being reduced constantly and there are cases that 6 year old children start going to school already being able to read and right correctly. Of course, on the one hand the early education is a positive thing, because the child psychology is quite interesting and includes numerous hidden qualities and enormous potential. The brightest example proved by the psychologists is the fact that if one wants his child to learn many foreign languages, he should start training it from the year of four and five. This age period is very favorable for the development of this quality.

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On the other hand early education is a negative issue because the child loses his happiest years of life. The child should play and discover the world around on the basis of his own will. In addition there can be the personal factors in the case of early education. Because of the psychological peculiarities the child can obtain various mental disorders caused by heavy learning and constant stress (if the process of education is too dynamic and oppressive).

The problem of early childhood education is quite interesting for the research and the student has a wide field for the analysis, because one can prove or refute the thesis that early education is the serious improvement of the child’s knowledge which would contribute to its further development and self-education in the positive way. The student should pay attention to the child psychology and its issues in order to analyze the pluses and minuses of the early education on the health of the child. In addition, one should learn about the existing techniques of early childhood education and evaluate these methods objectively. In order to increase the value and truthfulness of the research the student can apply the direct real life cases.

The aim of a research proposal is to convince the professor in the quality of the chosen topic and win the chance to complete a good research proposal about this type of education. With the help of the Internet student can read a free example research proposal on early childhood education and see the right manner of the persuasive writing. In addition, every free sample research proposal on early childhood education is a good piece of advice on formatting, composition of the text and the psychological and methodological analysis of the educational problem.

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