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The circulatory system (Lat. sistema incirculatorium) is a closed system, which comprises the cardiovascular system (Lat. systema cardiovasculare), where heart pumps blood through the blood vessels creating constant blood flow, and the lymphatic system (Lat. systema lymphoideum), the open system of vessels and ducts, which carries lymph from the interstitial filtrate contained in the tissue.

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The main function of the circulatory system is to provide all organs with nutrients and biologically active substances, as well as oxygen and energy. Through the cardiovascular system, blood is delivered to the lungs where gas exchange takes place. In this process, carbon dioxide is releases and oxygen is absorbed by blood. Then arterial blood goes to the heart, which pumps it through the aorta into smaller arteries, arterioles, and capillaries. Oxygen and other nutrients penetrate into tissues by diffusion, and carbon dioxide and other waste products are extracted from tissues through capillaries, which merge into the veins leading to the heart. From there, blood flows back into the lungs and the cycle repeats. Such a system is called double, as the blood passes through the lungs first, and then through the heart. Lung tissue is very thin, and this allows the heart to force blood without the active risk of lung injury.

Another function of the circulatory system is to take out the waste products from tissues and carry them to excretory organs, which take harmful and unwanted substances out of the body.

All the functions of the circulatory system are strictly coordinated through the neural reflex regulation, in this way homeostasis is maintained despite ever-changing conditions of the internal and external environment.

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