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The color theory is the study of color as a physiological phenomenon.

It treats the emergence of the color stimulus, the laws of color mixing, arranging the colors in mathematical systems, casting colors and the development of knowledge for understanding of color.

It is however to be distinguished from the doctrine of colorants, especially since these pigments and dyes are colloquially also referred to as color.

Color theory is the study of color characteristics, usage, and composition. Color theory is an interdisciplinary field, encompassing both the humanities and sciences, and a common substance in artistic training. A famous person who early on had a great interest in this area was the writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

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Essentially, the existing color theories are considered from two different focuses. These contradicted in history, partly, but complement each other increasingly to reach more comprehensive understanding of the research results from physics (electromagnetism and optics), physiology, and psychology, the chemical basis of the colorant and the resulting explanation and interpretation of models in conjunction with a variety of artistic conceptions.

Physics focuses on the investigation of the physical processes that underpin the optical laws of the light color optical phenomena.

The wavelength-dependent effect of the visible light in the context of the electromagnetic waves is the basis of the studies.

Since time immemorial, artists, in particular painters, strive to the understanding of color phenomena. Here are the effect on the viewer and theories about the interplay of colors.

Biology focuses on the research of the “apparatus” in human, animal, and plant, during and after the recording of light stimuli. The ultraviolet also (wavelength below 380 nm) and infrared spectrum (wavelength above 780 nm) is included in the investigation.

Psychology studies the results of physiological and psychological effects color produces on the body and the psyche. The latter are studied by psychologists, who study the theory to roper development and implementation of the color therapy.

We speak about color theory in terms of the different interpretations of these fields of knowledge.

Fundamentally, the difference between the perceived color (the color stimulus) and caused by light source (colored lights) are implemented in those complex processes using chemically limited colorants (pigments ) to reproduce displayable colors.

A special form of color theory is the theory of harmony, which deals with the interplay of colors (hues). This interaction is strongly influenced by culture, individual experience, and the artistic intention. Significant contributors in the color theory are also representatives of theory: Goethe, Ostwald, Kueppers.

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