Research Proposal on Theoretical Physics

Theoretical physics is the branch of physics which studies nature, its laws and existence on the basis of the creation of mathematical models and their comparison with the reality. Theoretical physics is the independent method of the research of the nature.

It is obvious, that the scope of its interests depends on the results of the experiments and observations of nature. Mathematical physics is quite close to the theoretical physics with its methods, calculations and modelling but there is a serious difference between them, because mathematical physics simply calculates but does not compare the results with the reality on practice. Theoretical physics does not try to answer the question ‘Why should mathematics describe physics?’ It uses mathematical laws of practice, because they turn out to be very effective for this process.

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Generally, theoretical physics studies not the direct natural processes, but the qualities of the mathematical models created on the example of the natural process. Furthermore, theoretical physics researches various models without binding them to any natural phenomena. Physical theories are the products of the theoretical physics. The most important factor of theoretical physics is that all the models should be supported with the direct, correct and logical calculations which prove the validity of the physical theory. The second important factor is that the model should be so logical and valid, that enables scientists predict the changes of the natural phenomena and processes on the basis of the calculations.

Theoretical physics is an extremely important science, because it connects natural phenomena to mathematics and organizes the structure of the world into the correct order. If a student is interested in theoretical physics, he should research the principles of the discipline profoundly to catch its role and value and probably after that one will manage to brainstorm a few smart and brand new ideas about the new methods of research or the research approach of theoretical physics. A research proposal is supposed to be informative, interesting, catching, thought provoking and convincing. That means a student should persuade the professor that the topic of the further research paper is worth investigation, time and efforts.

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