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David Berkowitz, born David Falco, June 1, 1953 in Brooklyn, New York, is an American convicted serial killer better known as Son of Sam, who admitted that he killed six people and injured at least seven more in attacks with a revolver of caliber .44 in the 1970s. Berkowitz’s early explanation for the murder he committed was that the neighbor’s dog would have been possessed by an ancient Egyptian demon who then ordered him to kill.

In 1975, Berkowitz told a psychiatrist that he felt possessed by demons, who told him that he must kill. He stated that he first attack his victims at the end of that year, when he attacked two women with a knife on Christmas Eve. One woman was never identified, but Charles Montaldo writes that the second victim, Michelle Forman, was hospitalized because of their injuries. Not long afterwards, Berkowitz moved to his home in Yonkers.

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Nickname the “Son of Sam” comes from Berkowitzs neighbor Sam Carr, who Berkowitz believed to be a “high demon,” who sent his vicious Labrador retriever Harvey to his neighbor to order him to commit murder. Berkowitz tried later to shoot the dog after one of his murder, but the dog survived. Nowadays he claims he invented the story to get the foundation of a defense, which would be based on the fact that he was mentally ill and therefore not aware of what he did.

In 1997, Berkowitz claimed that he was not alone when he committed the murders and started when he met people who convinced him to join an group who practiced animal scarifications to Satan. He said the group also made a pornography in order to attract people to him. After a time of great willingness, Berkowitz said suddenly that he dared not give out more details, because then he could expose his family to danger. John and Michael’s father was Sam Carr, the same Sam gave him the name Son of Sam.

Today, Berkowitz describes himself as a born-again Christian, and he sent a letter to the mayor of New York George Pataki and asked him to set up judicial review for a possible early release. He wrote: “In all honesty, I feel that I deserve to be in prison for the rest of my life. With God’s help, I have long found myself comfortable in my situation and accept my punishment.” In June 2004, he was denied in his second trial. The statement held that Berkowitz’s participation in various prison programs was laudable but the degree of brutality of the killings demanded that he stay incarcerated.

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