Research Paper on Education Budget Cuts

The Canada Education Federation may be unable to cope with the education budget cuts planned by the Department of Education, which are estimated at $110 million.

University and college student looking to write a good research paper on education budget cuts, have to know that the President of the School Federation accuses the government of deliberately kept silent about these cuts and put the Federation before a fait accompli. In the budget speech, the department had expressed satisfaction, but changed its rhetoric today after analyzing the details.

“It is unacceptable to boast that education is a priority, and then put into action unannounced cuts for $110 million.” – said the President, Josée Bouchard.

It describes the attitude of the Department of Education as unacceptable and contemptuous of the population. The cuts, she says, come at a time when budget decisions by school boards are stopped for the next school year.

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For her part, the Education Minister Line Beauchamp says that school boards must agree to tighten their belts by cutting administrative costs.

In addition, Ms. Beauchamp contends that the school board budget has increased this year by $345 million, or 4% more than the previous year.

The shortfall of $ 110 million denounced by the commission is therefore not a budget cut, but a “less substantial increase in appropriations.”

The Minister of Education has confirmed to Radio-Canada that there will be cuts, however it is 80 million, 30 million less than the amount advanced by the Federation. These cuts, says Beauchamp, also only affect the administration. “I do not accept that they cut any student services,” she says.

“Impossible,” says Josée Bouchard, who remains convinced that the cuts will hurt the quality of services to students. The President added that the Federation key sectors such as vocational training and care for children living in poverty in Montreal will be affected.

Ms. Bouchard points out that the government has asked school boards to purchase interactive whiteboards and laptops, the network has never yet claimed.

The presidents of school boards agree mobilize to denounce the cuts. They seek the support of their partners in education.

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Custom Research Paper on Education Budget Cuts

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