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The education system of the United States is decentralized, most decisions on programs and funding are taken by local authorities (e.g., the school boards). Educational programs (Curricula) are generally established independently by each state. The federal government is involved mainly in education funding through the Department of Education of the United States. Private schools develop their own programs freely and only 22 States establish a list of recommended books. In most states, there is total freedom of choice. The legislatures of each state establish a common minimum level of knowledge in educational programs.

The courses are taught in English, in all 50 states, and in Spanish – in the territory of Puerto Rico. There is no constitutionally official language in the United States, but 29 of the 50 states have adopted English as the only official language (Spanish is a second official language in the territory of Puerto Rico, Hawaiian in the State of Hawaii and the Chamorro in the territory of Guam), the French language is non-officially used in several parishes in Louisiana. Each school district can choose the language of instruction, but English is the choice in all 50 states, including Hawaii and Louisiana. Puerto Ricans chose Spanish.

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90% of American students are enrolled in public schools.

The United States, which have only 4% of the world population aged 5 to 25 years, representing 28% of total global education budget. The country spends almost as much as all the governments of the following six regions of the world: the Arab States, Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Southeast Asia and the West and Sub-Saharan Africa.

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