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Louisiana Purchase is the sale by France of more than 2,144,476 km2 (529,911,680 acres) of territory to the United States in 1803 at a price of 3 cents per acre, or over 15 million of dollars or 80 million of francs in total.

Those students writing their research papers on Louisiana Purchase should know this area represents 22.3% of the current territory of the United States.

Indeed, the French colony of Louisiana included many more territories than the state of current Louisiana. Territories sold include portions lying west of the river Mississippi in Arkansas, Iowa, Missouri, and Minnesota today, parts of North Dakota, the South Dakota, Nebraska, northern Texas, parts of New-Mexico, Oklahoma, Montana, Kansas, Wyoming, and a part of Colorado, south of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Alberta located in the basin of the Missouri river, and Louisiana with the city of New Orleans.

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Agricultural goods from the territories of the United States, the west of the Appalachians were shipped at the end of the 18th century, mainly over the Mississippi. However, the Mississippi was controlled from the port city of New Orleans, belonged to Spain. Only because of the Pinckney Treaty with Spain American merchants had the right to use the port of New Orleans. After Napoleon Bonaparte Louisiana and New Orleans did so well in 1800, again under French control, the Americans feared that they could lose the right to use the port. The American President Thomas Jefferson therefore came to the conclusion that it was the best to buy the city of New Orleans and the surrounding area, in order to secure access to the Mississippi.

During the negotiations directly during the purchase Spain announced its claim to the territory of Oklahoma and the southwestern part of Kansas and Louisiana. According to the agreement, the United States territory had the territories that eventually became part of the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

France was weakened and the financial crisis after the loss in Haiti and the renewed war against Britain. Napoleon Bonaparte offered the United States to buy the land area, and to improve the finances, and partly because he saw a stronger United States as a counterweight to the United Kingdom. The agreement signed only vaguely defined boundaries and it was not clear if the purchase also included the western Florida and Texas.

Louisiana Purchase was one of the most important milestones in the political life of the third president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson. Although Jefferson was concerned about the legality of the transaction (the United States Constitution does not contain articles on the acquisition of territories in foreign countries), he, however, decided on a transaction due to the fact that France and Spain prevented the Americans in their trade through the port of New Orleans.

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