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The Egyptian revolution (aka Arabic Revolution of 25 January 2011) was a series of events (demonstrations, strikes, occupation of public space, destruction of buildings, and symbols of power, clashes with the police) that led to the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak and liberalization.

The revolution begun with the events of 25 January 2011. Like the Tunisian revolution, the Egyptian revolution was triggered in response to abuse of forces by Egyptian Police, the corruption, but also to the state of emergency and its permanent expeditious procedures. Structural demographics, unemployment, housing shortages, rising prices of basic necessities and lack of freedom of expression and the urban living conditions very degraded for the popular classes are also important causes of events. The primary objective of the protesters was to get the end of the police state and go to the democracy, with the departure of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, in power since 14 October 1981, and a fairer distribution of wealth.

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This largest popular movement in Egypt has ever known brought protesters from different socio-economic layers. The movement led to the transfer of power to the army while President Mubarak withdrew his residence in Sharm el-Sheikh 11 February 2011.

To write a research paper on Egyptian revolution you must know that while the political transition was taking place, social movements took over the political protest, both on how to challenge corrupt hierarchies and social demands: working conditions, wages, social protection. Demonstrations continue each week Tahrir Square to complete the change of regime dissolution of the National Democratic Party (NDP), the former ruling party, arrest of the corrupt personalities of the former regime officials and responsible of death of hundreds of protesters killed by police, release of political prisoners, etc. In addition to social claims remained high, the country was shaken by religious clashes.

On February 1, the government entirely shot down access to the Internet and coated the countryside with curfew, and argued that the minimization of disruption from the protests was necessary to maintain order and prevent an uprising of fundamentalist Islamist groups. The international response before protests has largely been supportive, with governments and organizations that advocate non-violence on both sides of the conflict and a peaceful movement to reform. The protests have received worldwide attention due to the increasing integration of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media that has given activists and spectators the opportunity to communicate, coordinate, and document the events. As the publicity has increased, the Egyptian government largely tried to restrict access to the internet, especially access to social media. In time for planned protests on January 28 began a “blackout” of all traffic over the mobile network, but before dawn the next morning, it was reported that the blockage had been lifted.

On February 1, the various opposition groups announced that they formed a shadow parliament, called the People’s Parliament, to better organize opposition and to discuss what should happen if President Mubarak is forced out of power. A committee was also formed to bring “parliaments” action. The committee includes, among other representatives of the main opposition Muslim Brotherhood and opposition leader Mohamed El Baradei.

The same day, same-called opposition to a giant demonstration, which came to be called “March of the Millions.” According to Al Jazeera, there was about 1 million people out of Cairo and marched in the afternoon, a figure which according to them grew to about two million people.

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