Research Paper on Ethical Treatment of Prisoners

The problem of ethical treatment of prisoners lies in the fact that in our time, when the curve of crime, including recurrent, is moving steadily upwards, and the prison is not a correctional faculty, but rather a place to exchange the experience in order to find more elaborate way to commit new crimes. Thus the issue of social work with persons detained in the penitentiary institutions rises very sharply.

If a person is not corrected and does not adapt to a normal life, it will lead to new deviant consequences and, most of all, to recidivism. Therefore, this problem has a special place in the practice of the penitentiary and post-penitentiary social work. This is due to the fact that it is focused on the correction of convicts and encouraging them to further law-abiding behavior in conditions of freedom.

The problems of this work is reflected in the difficulties of normal entering of ex-prisoners into a full social life.

The object of the research paper on ethical treatment of prisoners is the persons who have served a sentence of exclusion from society – former prisoners.

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The subject of the paper is adaptation problems of prisoners, and the main aspects of social work with this category of persons.

Objective: To study the problems of recidivism, and the environment conducive to their return to a normal social life, as well as the study of the basic aspects of social work with this category of individuals.

In accordance with the specific objective a number of problems have been identified:

  • Explain the basic problems of social work with prisoners;
  • Systematize and analyze the legal framework for the preparation of prisoners for release from the penitentiary institution;
  • Study the features of preparation of certain categories of prisoners for release;
  • Highlight the social problems of persons who have served their sentence;
  • Explain the principles of social work with former prisoners;
  • Identify ethical aspects of social work with prisoners;
  • Make general conclusions on the whole work.

The principles of social work are both elements of a scientific theory and the basic rules of empirical work. They are divided into general philosophical, scientific (organizational-activity, socio-political, psychological, pedagogical, etc.) And specific principles of social work. The specific principles of social work include the following principles: universality, protection of social rights, prevention, social reaction, self-reliance, maximizing social resources, privacy and tolerance.

At the same time, social treatment of prisoners includes such specific principles, as humanism, law and justice.

The last few decades have been marked by the processes of spreading the idea of ??international humanitarian law and the application of human rights in practice. In the academic tradition of social work and social policy issue of ethical treatment becomes the subject of a special discussion.

Like all objects of social work, prisoners require special ethical approach when working with them. One aspect of the social productive work with prisoners is the use of professional and ethical standards and rules adequate to the situation.

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