Research Proposal on Recidivism

Recidivism is the act which is mostly associated with crime and law system and means that the former prisoner committed the crime again and will be punished for it much stricter. Recidivism is quite a widespread phenomenon among the former prisoners, because it is obvious that if one has the inclination to crime, he will commit it even after the punishment. According to the statistics more than 70% of the former imprisoned people commit crimes once again. The frequency of the recidivism depends on the individual and the environment. For example, the core factors which make people commit crimes again are the psychological ones, genetic factors, unfavorable financial background, protest, problems with family and the wrong influence of friends.

The laws which touch upon recidivism in different countries are different and depend of the level of democracy and political situation. In the majority of the developed countries which respect the law recidivism is strictly punished.

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For example, if the person is caught on the illegal action once again, she will be surely punished. If one commits a serious crime, he can be even imprisoned for his actions. There are two main types of recidivism: general (the person commits various sorts of crimes) and special (the person commits the same type of crimes). An interesting and sad tendency is observed nowadays, because the rates of recidivism all over the world increase. The possible factors which cause it are the global financial crisis and problems related with it.

Recidivism is a serious problem, because the existence of crime causes harm to the human society.

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