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Fear of public speaking is generally seen as tension, the nervousness, and stress before a public appearance, before an exam, or a dangerous task. You can an actor in front of the stage performance, a performing artist, a musician, a student before an exam, a candidate before his interview, a athlete before a potentially hazardous exercise or a soldier before the application.

Camera and Microphone are closely related to the fear of public speaking. In a still broader sense, the fear of public speaking refers to the tension of a person having a non-artistic performance, who encounters a situation in which he is under increased social attention, such as in a presentation, a social gathering, or while doing sports activity. Due to the fact that anxiety is inextricably linked to the expectation that the quality of the performance or the appearance is judged by the audience, it often become a cause of anxiety. This is especially true for participants in the casting as well as professional artists who have to compete during their work against strong competition.

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Students who write their research paper on fear of public speaking should know that in the psychological research, the fear of public speaking gathered under the term “performance anxiety” various forms of tension and anxiety before going on stage. It can be considered a subset of social anxiety disorders. In contrast, the job-specific self-help literature refers unanimously to the fear of public speaking, the authors distinguish usually between two different forms of stage fright: a “negative” stage fright: performance anxiety, podium fear, which lesser the quality of the performance, and a positive stage fright, which proved to be eustress, providing performance enhancing.

Stress as physical and mental tension in the face of an imminent demanding task is a technology developed in the course of evolution, natural response, the meaning originally was to help in a dangerous situation in the survival by the adrenal epinephrine and norepinephrine seconded into the blood and to get the organism prepared for the flight or fight.

The fear of public speaking is characterized according to the system of Warwitz as so-called “state anxiety.” This does not arise as a continuous trait, but occurs only as a temporary state of mind in certain situations in which there is a build-up anticipation stress. Insofar as it has not become habitual, it also is not one of the symptoms of anxiety disorders, but rather a factor that is able to gain a positive function as a performance-promoting factor that puts the persons concerned both physically and mentally in an optimal starting position before a venture action. Stage fright can be seen by Warwitz as a not always pleasant but useful reaction of the organism to adjust the physical, psychological, and mental condition to tackle the task at hand. These include physiological changes such as increasing adrenaline levels or improving circulation to the brain and muscles as well as the associated increase in level of alertness, concentration, or responsiveness and activation of mental motivation.

Such fright-inducing situations arise, for example before tests, before a public appearance as an actor, singer or speaker, or before an exciting sporting action such as a paraglider launch or a bungee jump.

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