Research Paper on Stress in College Students

In psychology, one may consider the concept of stress from many points of view. Primarily it is a condition of the individual in extreme situations, manifested at the physiological, psychological and behavioral levels. Such severe cases may be powerful impacts on the environment, which are on the verge of the tolerance and can cause adjustment disorders. The last factors cause the maximum acceptable change in the body. There are physical, physicochemical, and socio-psychological factors.

To write proper free sample research papers on stress in college students the writers should understand that the student life is full of stress and emergency situations, so students often experience psychological and mental stress. Primarily stress in college students develops due to the massive flow of information, as well as an inability to systemic work and thus overload t specific points of maximal activity usually during the examination.

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Emotional stress in college students begins at least 3-4 days before the period of examination and last the entire time, even in the relatively quiet days. The presence of emotional stress during off-examination days pieces of evidence that continuous, chronic stress accompanies analysis. One consequence of this pressure can be a neurosis, i.e., the functional disease of the nervous system. In this case, it is primarily the nervous system that suffers, its resources are depleted, forcing the body to work at the edge of the nervous breakdown.

What shakes the nervous system and leads to its breakdown and the emergence of the disease? It can be assumed that neurosis occurs when a person is a long time in a state of stress. Obsession is not a disease, but a type of an individual “normal” reaction in unusual stress conditions. In turn, the factors leading to stress are strife, failure, and other life experiences that psychiatrists designated as trauma.

Period of training has a significant impact on the formation of personality, so mental health problems of students is very urgent.

We can distinguish three groups of students:

  • students suffering from neurotic disorders;
  • students with the risk of their development;
  • students having healthy (balanced) characteristics.

The level of compulsive disorders increases with each year of schooling. Students with obsessive disorders do not know how to organize their regime, and this exacerbates their asthenia (i,e., reduces the functionality of the central nervous system, manifested in the deterioration of health, mental fatigue, the decline in attention, memory, hyper-reactivity with irritable weakness). Students with neurotic disorders are suffering from the sleep deprivation syndrome, some of them do not use their weekends to relax. Neurosis disease leads to a significant reduction in performance. Among the students, most at-risk are that drinking alcohol to facilitate communication and to improve mood in stressful situations.

The problem of stress is complex and multifaceted. Stress in the learning process must be adjusted. It is the task of the students themselves and their teachers, social workers, and psychologists. Possible ways of its solution lie in the professional motivation of students and the implementation of the educational process in the basics of a healthy lifestyle, training courses, and health keeping technologies.

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