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First of all, you must determine what kind of career you prefer. This will determine your strategy. If you knows what position you wants to take in five or even ten years, you can determine the course of action and make the task to be achieved, i.e., start planning your future career.

Those who write their research paper on future career should know that in order to properly plan a career you need to know the situation on labor markets and jobs, as well as methods of work in these markets. Here self-marketing can be of a great help.

Self-marketing means:

  • searching companies or institutions that would have meet your requires;
  • good self-presentation.

In order to succeed, you need to control the situation on the labor market. This work should be done at the stage of choosing a future career. But the choice of career is a complicated matter, since it is a personal and very specific problem.

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There is no exact recipe, applicable in all situations, but there are factors that must be considered when planning and implementing an individual’s career:

  1. identification of your strengths and weaknesses, the structure of your business qualities. For this there are a lot of tests, many of which allow even make structural form of personal abilities and determine the basic orientation of their development;
  2. tracking the trends in the development of the labor market, its industry and local context;
  3. consideration of the strengths and weaknesses of the environment in which they reside.

If the future career is chosen, then there is the idea of ??it. The choice of the career is always limited by the needs of the labor market and professional knowledge. A part of career planning associated with the category “ability” and the definition and analysis of your strengths and weaknesses, includes three basic points.

They are:

  • awareness of the requirements for the position that you would like to take;
  • an objective assessment of you performance and determining your compliance with the requirements;
  • understanding the mechanisms of taking the position.

After a preliminary acquaintance with the basics of career promotion, you should again be sure to have chosen the career you really wanted to; to check your compliance with this work; what is more important – an opportunity of realization of your abilities, satisfaction from work or payment. Only by answering these questions, you can decide to choose a career! Having done that you still have to remember that your goals should be based on the self-knowledge and the career must be chosen regarding your abilities.

When choosing planning a career you can use a number of rules:

  • always look for a job;
  • no one will provide with work for – you have to fight for it;
  • if you want to find a job, you must first determine what prevents you from this and how to overcome the interference.

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