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Career counseling, also known as vocational, educational and career guidance, is to provide a person of school age and even adults (compulsory or post-compulsory or even permanent or continuing) the different sectors in which they could fit according to their interests, their previous education, and personality.

College student whose choice is to write an interesting and successful research paper on career counseling are welcomed to know that it has been long since the time when children make the job of their parents. Where things were simple and career counseling was a question of succession… Economic development leads to the creation of new jobs, new knowledge. The division of labor, bureaucracy-induced seizure of expertise are creating new jobs. No one is prepared for this change, but new knowledge and new practices will emerge to face.

Various parameters that are taken into account can optionally be determined through psychometric tests, questionnaires to identify their interests or projective tests.

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Career counseling includes:

  • Vocational education – providing information to youth about the world of professions, education, career opportunities;
  • Professional education – the formation of youth diligence, efficiency, professional liability, abilities and aptitudes;
  • Professional advice on the choice of profession, employment, training opportunities;
  • Professional development of an individual and supporting his professional career, including a change of profession and professional training.

For career counseling it is necessary to have socio-economic characteristics of professions, to know the prospects of development of the profession, areas of distribution of occupations, the specialists income, ways of obtaining qualifications and career prospects, as well as the features of the labor market. In addition, it needs technological characteristics, including a description of the production processes and professional objectives; medical and physiological characteristics and sanitary working conditions with the list of indications and contraindications; the profession requirements to the individual characteristics. Consolidated document of this kind is called professiogram.

The guidance methods are very different and should be based primarily on the freedom of choice of the individual. There are associations allowing students to discover ways in which they might have not thought of one.

Guidance can also consist of a service, since college to higher education, by counselors (in most cases, they are psychologists) depending on the utility or independent advisers. When the service is offered by independent counselor, it is usually paid.

The proposed work must be in direct correlation with the professional choice of the counseled person. The determination of this correlation can only be done through a structured interview, conducted by a professional counselor (psychologist generally, but not necessarily).

This is the only condition that the counseled person is being informed and given relevant advice that can lead to the end of its goal only via sufficient investment of time and energy.

Career counseling meets an important need given the increasing complexity of the job market.

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