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Game Theory is the theory of the mathematical modeling of optimal decision making under conditions of conflict. Since the opponents involved in most conflicts are interested in hiding their intentions from each other, decisions making is usually taking place under conditions of uncertainty. On the contrary, the uncertainty factor can be interpreted as an opponent to the entity that makes decisions (thereby making decisions under uncertainty can be understood as decision making under conflict). In particular, many mathematical statistics points are naturally formulated as a theoretical game.

Game Theory is a part of applied mathematics. More precisely, it is a study of models used in the social sciences (mostly in economics), biology, political science, computer science (mainly for artificial intelligence), and philosophy.

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Game theory attempts to capture mathematically behavior models in strategic situations, in which the success of the subject that makes the choice depends on the choice of others. If originally the analysis of games in which one of the opponents wins at the expense of others (zero sum games) was developed, later, various numbers of interactions, which were classified according to certain criteria, came into consideration. Today, game theory is a universal theory for the rational side of social science, where term “social” can be understood broadly, including both human, non-human players (computers, animals, plants).

This branch of mathematics had a certain reflection in popular culture. In 1998, an American writer and journalist Sylvia Nasar has published a book on the life of John Nash, a Nobel Laureate in Economics for his achievements in game theory, and in 2001 was released A Beautiful Mind, a film based on the book. Thus, game theory is one of the few areas of mathematics in which you can get a Nobel Prize.

Students writing their research paper on game theory must take into account the ever-increasing importance of this applied science. Beginning in 1970s, biologists adopted game theory to study the biology of animal behavior and evolution. Of a great importance the theory is for artificial intelligence and cybernetics, particularly in relation to the rising interest for intelligent agents. However, most methods of game theory are used in the economy as well as in other social sciences: sociology, political science, psychology, ethics, etc. College students must analyze in the most thorough way all these aspects of game theory widely applicable in various disciplines and ground convincingly the need for this application.

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