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Araminta Harriet Ross, also known as Harriet Tubman, 1820 – 10 March 1913 was the most famous abolition activist in the United States. For her struggle against slavery, she became a symbolic figure for African-American freedom fighters.

Harriet was born in the family of a slave in 1820 and was raised on a farm in Dorchester County, Maryland. When 13-year-old, she was heavily injured to the head, which caused her head-aching throughout her life and even provoked visions. She was in the store when a white overseer demanded her help in beating a runaway slave. When she refused and blocked the overseer way, he threw two-pound weight right into her head. The hit caused a wound that almost cost Harriet a life. Recovery lasted many months.

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In 24 years, she married free African-American John Tubman. But when she started talking about escaping from slavery to the north, he even did not want to hear about it. He said that if she tried to escape, he would deliver her up immediately. When Harriet decided to seek his fortune and left for north in 1849, she did it alone, without saying a word to her husband.

At the age of 30, Harriet was already named Moses for the ability to rescue slaves. She actively participated in the clandestine operations of Underground Railroad – the secret network of free and enslaved African-Americans fighting slavery. In 1850s, Harriet made 19 trips to the slave South, she personally liberated more than 300 slaves.

During the Civil War, 1861-1865 Harriet became a spy and a nurse in the army of the North, in the summer of 1863, she took part in the operation to free 750 slaves. After the war, she continued to struggle against the oppression of blacks and to fight for equal rights for women.

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