Research Paper on Legalizing Euthanasia

The modern liberal fight for legalizing euthanasia becomes an ideological form of influence on human will, suggesting to the man that it is necessary to live as long as possible

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In spite of the fact that we live at the beginning the XXI century, most “new” and “progressive” ideas on a check appear only the revival of old errors. And one of them is the motivated connection of the physical suffering, illness and suicide. In his fundamental research “Suicide,” first published in Paris in 1897, David Émile Durkheim, analysing statistics of suicides, comes to the conclusion that the generally accepted reasons for suicide, in particular illnesses and physical suffering, in reality are not the real reasons. To the real reasons, converting a man into a self murderer, Durkheim dares to attribute some of society faults: the state of moral disintegration, disorganization, weakening of social interaction, destruction of the collective state of consciousness, id est religiousness.

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According to the results of the statistical researches by Durkheim, among the adepts of Christian religion, as well as Judaism and Islam, there was lesser percentage of suicide in all respects. “Consequently, the influence of religion is so great that exceeds every other.” Besides, among Christian religions, catholic cantons, regardless of nationality of their population, have four or five times less suicides than protestant. For Durkheim, next two factors appear the determining grounds for these statistics: intensity of organization of church community (in protestantism it is practically taken to the minimum) and principle of autonomy and personal freedom (in protestantism it obviously prevails not only in relation to an individual idea, but also in relation to individual will).

In this connection there is a conclusion that an atheistic society is in itself a serious threat to the human life. Atheism is an outlook system that logically proves legitimacy of suicide. Its adepts believe man to be a creator of his fate and even his health. They also think that man is created for happiness, pleasures and so on. In short, man must not suffer. Thus, man is declared the autocratic ruler of his own body and soul, and herein there is a higher value of atheistic world view.

However, in fact, under this eye-catching and, at the first glance, new slogan “right to death,” there is an attempt not only to justify, but also legalize murder and suicide of incurables. Legalizing euthanasia cannot free humanity from illnesses, but can become and becomes powerful independent reason for growing number of suicides, and not only for the reason of physical suffering.

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