Research Paper on Market Segmentation

Market segmentation is the process of distribution of the consumers or the potential consumers into the particular groups (or segments), in the boarders of which the consumers have the similar or the same requirements which are satisfied by the definite complex of marketing. The critical element of market segmentation is the transformation of the difference between the certain products into the benefit, because if the product is different and meets the requirements of the certain group of clients, the company can gain success in the boarder of that group. The process of segmentation consists of the following steps: the creation of the image of the market; the analysis of the groups and types of people who purchase the product; analysis of the type of the product and the place of the purchase; definition of the reason of the purchase; formation of segment (combination of the similar consumers); the test of a segment; the criteria of attraction; analysis of the parameters of the criteria; evaluation of the segments.

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There are several main criteria of the segmentation of customer market. The first one is the segmentation on the basis of the geographical criteria (the market is divided into the geographical parts: regions, the size of the city, etc); then, on the basis of the demographic criteria (segmentation according to the age, gender, lifestyle, income, size of the family, etc); on the basis of the operation criteria (the technology of production, the quality, the social status of the client, etc); situational criteria (relevance of the product, the size of the order, etc).

The topic on market segmentation is worth attention, because everyone should be aware about the principles and criteria which divide the market into the definite segments and distribute consumers according to their preferences and expectations. A well-organized market segmentation research paper should explain the topic from all sides and define the core elements of market segmentation and evaluate the methods of segmentation professionally. The student should focus on the reasons, advantages and disadvantages of market segmentation and prove his point of view with the help of the cases from the real life. Finally, it is important to conclude the paper well and define the relevance of the problem of market segmentation.

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