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Quality control is the complex of processes which are aimed at the maintenance of quality of the production and the quality of the goods and services. Every company, which wants to gain success on the market, should devote much attention to the problem of quality of its production, because one of the main criteria required by the consumers is the quality of goods and services and only then their price. The process of quality control is quite complicated and is divided into several sub processes. The quality control is held on every stage of the production of goods and is carried out by the definite specialists who evaluate the indicator of quality. The process of quality control starts already at the very beginning of the production. The experts evaluate the quality of the materials and define the effectivity of the techniques and methods of production.

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When the production is ready the experts check the quality of the products with the help of different means and make sure the production is ecologically safe, meets all the predicted requirements and possesses the planned design. The main aim of quality control is to reduce the percentage of the defected items of the production to the minimum and make sure the defected items do not get into the market; otherwise the consumers who purchase such an item will be totally dissatisfied and will demand refunding. Furthermore, the negative feedback can spoil the prestige of the company and cause serious expenditures and financial loss.

The process of quality control is the fundamental factor which maintains the stability and effectiveness of business. It is cheaper to control the process of production and correct the productive errors than to explain to the clients that the defect is a rare mistake and lose money refunding the defected item and losing customers. A successful quality control research paper is expected to explain the topic from all sides and touch upon all the aspects and steps of quality control at different organizations. It is essential to evaluate the relevance and importance of the process for business and the human society. Furthermore, the student is supposed to introduce the methodology and literature review of the research and conclude the question on quality control professionally.

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