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The term “media bias” is mostly used for describing an actual or perceived manipulation to present the public opinion through the media. The term is also used to describe a media manipulation with the aim to present a particular publication. This is the job of the PR.

Media bias is a one-sided and / or distorted representation of facts by journalists and news producers. The bias is usually a unilateral pre-selection of a topic and often by the type of coverage in the mass media. This creates a distorted perception of the recipient. The media bias is distinguished from the counterfeit, thus the term does not apply to manipulation of photographs or videos, or the fabrication of interviews.

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The demand for objectivity and neutrality of the media comes naturally, however are sometimes unintentionally limited. It is journalistically not possible to report on all existing events, a coherent representation is inevitably accompanied by a pre-selection of facts. A manipulation accusation can, therefore, in addition to justified criticism, include character of a struggle concept. A limited bias is unavoidable in a presentation already due to technical reasons.

A fundamental element of any coverage (and possible bias) is the selection of information by the editors. About 99% of all news never arrives before the reader’s eye because they are considered too insignificant, too fragmentary to polemical or – according to the prevailing conceptions – immoral to be sorted out.

Journalists cannot possibly write about all the available information and news about selected facts and report the same in a coherent way, here begin the practical limits of neutrality of the media. A limitation and alignment is thus simply unavoidable. Which messages are worth to be printed is also decided by journalists or editors. Thus, according to Niklas Luhmann: “Communication is a process that selectively responds to selections, i.e., enhanced selectivity.”

Therefore, there is a “construction of reality” by the media, which can be easily perceived by the recipient as manipulation. The one-sided selection of information in the media may result in a distorted image. Even if each of the declarations corresponds to reality, its mass can achieve the effect of misinformation.

Another challenge for journalists is the weight that is attached to different events and arguments. Journalists must show all relevant positions and arguments, and illustrate by a weighting that the arguments have different relevance. If they do not succeed in this, we speak of tendentious reporting. Targeted bias of conscious-sided reporting is against the principles of independent journalistic reporting and journalistic ethics.

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