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Media is a great system of methods of the delivery of information all over the world. Most people in the world know the term mass media, which more understandable for them. Mass media is aimed to inform people about the latest news in the world. The first kinds of media developed many hundreds years ago. Newspaper was the earliest source or method to deliver news to people. Later other means appeared, like pamphlets, journals and periodicals of all kinds. At the beginning of the XXth century the most influential and effective type of mass media became radio. Later on television appeared and today the most influential and widely used type of media is the Internet with its enormous possibilities.

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Nevertheless, newspapers still exist and possibly will never disappear, but the role of television is slightly getting less important. Media plays a very important role for the human life. Media is widely used in all spheres of human activity, informs us and makes our life easier and more colorful. Media of different types are used for education, business, marketing, science, military purposes, etc. The horizons of the development of media are not limited and very soon we will be able to communicate, keep, share and receive data with the help of more and more effective means.

Media is an interesting topic for investigation so students who want to become professionals in this sphere need to write research papers on the topic. When a student has some interesting ideas concerning the development of media, he has to present a good research proposal on it. A successful research proposal should be informative, carry brand new ideas and be persuasive.

One should be able to convince the professor that the topic is worth research, as much can be done to improve the topic and contribute into the development of the discipline. In order to make the paper convincing use facts from the real life and statistics to illustrate the current situation with media.

Every student who has to prepare a good research proposal will have many problems with paper writing, because it is difficult to write a good paper being inexperienced. The best way to see how a good paper looks like is to read free example research proposal on media effects in the Internet.

Taking advantage of such help, you will see how to present data, compose and format the whole effectively. Moreover, only with the help of a good free sample research proposal on media violence you will see how to convince the professor that the topic is valuable and worth investigation. It is important to find a good example for writing and you will manage to cope with the assignment successfully.

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