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Michael Kors is an American fashion designer.

Michael Kors company, since 2002, headquartered in the British Virgin Islands, offers under the brand Michael Kors its own network of boutiques and upscale retailers worldwide prêt-à-porter fashion collections for men and women as well as accessories – mainly handbags for women – and shoes, jewelry, watches and perfumes in the upper price segment, and since the end of 2011 is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The annual turnover for the financial year 2011/2012 amounted to 1.3 billion U.S. dollars. The market value of the company was estimated in spring 2012 at about eight billion dollars.

Already in 1981 – before his design studies – Kors founded his own label, Michael Kors LLC. Parallel to his studies, which he broke off later, he was working in a New York gem boutique named Lothar’s as a sales manager. His first fashion show dates back to 1984. With minimalistic, American sportswear in classic cuts and made ??of precious materials, he made a name for himself. In the 1980s, he also worked for the Scottish Lyle & Scott as a designer.

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In 1993, he must, however, after a first failed attempt, to establish a more favorable second line called Kors with an Italian licensee and reduced demand for conservative sportswear. In 1994, he had restructured his company and started a design and licensing collaboration for the second-line Kors with the Japanese fashion company Onward Kashiyama, which later became the owner of the fashion brand Jil Sander. In 1999, the French LVMH group bought 33% at a Michael Kors. Already in 1997, LVMH had appointed Kors the chief designer of belonging to the Group Parisian fashion label Céline, a position that he held until 2003.

After the first designs for his own label, mainly sportswear, came, in time, perfume (since 2000) Accessories (since 2001) and in the autumn/winter season 2002/2003, his first full menswear collection from Michael Kors. Today, his collections include the main collection and catwalk line for men and women, Women’s Bridge collection with shoes, coats, and accessories since 1996, relaunched in 2004, established in 1989 and terminated in 1992) and Sportswear second-line since 2004, men’s line in 2006 set, the complete range of women’s and men’s fashion, fragrances and accessories.

Michael Kors Holdings comprises 166 stores, including 58 own boutiques in the U.S. – of which five are called “Collection Store,” which offer only the exclusive Main Collection – and more than forty outlets, including Las Vegas, New York, Hawaii, and Beverly Hills. In addition, there are stores in London, Canada, Milan, Paris, Moscow, Madrid, Dubai, Istanbul, Seoul, Manama, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Philippines, and Japan as well as numerous outlets around the world. As of March 2012, the Company had after numerous openings worldwide in 2011 237 location business under the name Michael Kors, including 188 in the U.S. (including outlets).

The official website and the Online Shop are operated by the U.S. department store Neiman Marcus. Furthermore Kors is the outfitter of various Hollywood movies (e.g., The Thomas Crown Affair) and many celebrities such as Catherine Zeta-Jones and Jennifer Lopez.
In August 2011, Kors married his longtime partner Lance LePere.

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