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Mormonism is a religion with over 14 million practitioners, of which a large part (though a minority) lives in the country United States. Its followers are called in the vernacular Mormons. Mormons believe that Mormonism is a branch of Christianity; however, this claim is challenged by many Christian denominations as Mormons generally do not believe in a triune God or their canonized scripture is limited to the Bible. Mormons believe in the Bible but believe further revelation and also other scriptures including The Book of Mormon and has hence been dubbed the “Mormons.”

It is important for students writing their research paper on Mormonism to understand that the cornerstone of the Mormon theology is the doctrine of “recovery,” according to which after the death of the first apostles of Christ Church stays disappeared from the face of the earth. Only after many centuries, in 1820, God chose Joseph Smith to restore it through the actual training and actual organization of the Church. After Smith’s death as a “prophet, seer, and media revelations” there were fifteen presidents of LDS Church.

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The main provisions of the Mormon doctrine are written into thirteen “Creeds.” It should be noted that this document does not give a complete picture of Mormon beliefs, and many specific exercises of LDS Church are not included in it.

It is alleged that the text of the Bible has been corrupted by careless and malicious translators and copyists, and the early Mormons even doubted “whether at least one verse of the Bible was kept in such a way that today it has the same meaning as the original.” Mormons take English Translation by King James of 1611 with references to the Bible translation by Joseph Smith himself. (At the same time, the Church rejects “Inspired Translation” of the Bible, made ??by Joseph Smith in 1833 and uses sole officially adopted by the Church (but equally distorted) an English translation of the King James in 1611) Probably, most Mormons do not very much use translation made ??by Smith because his views were not yet fully formed, and the use of this translation would be problematic.

The Book of Mormon called “the only correct book on earth.” It is believed that through this book “a person can approach God more than with any other book.” Belief in the truth of the Book of Mormon for Mormons is a prerequisite for salvation and is based not so much on sound facts, but on the supernatural evidence, which initially is very subjective.

“Precious Pearl” and “Education and covenants” are also the words of God.

Any revelation or official statement that comes from the mouth of the prophet -president of the church, is also part of doctrine, and sometimes included in the category of sacred texts. “Education and covenants” contain many revelations of this kind of living prophets.

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