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National debt is the debt government owes to its creditors. It is the total sum of issued and outstanding state loans (including accrued interest).

National debt is a manner of financing state activities, however, it is not the sole mechanism. Governments can also print money to monetize their loans, thereby eliminating the necessity to reimburse interest. However, this exercise only lessens state interest costs rather than factually eliminating national debt.

Governments normally borrow by issuing bonds, loan securities and other financial assets. Less credit worthy countries occasionally borrow directly from international financial institutions such as WorldBank or other supra-national organizations.

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National debt cannot be considered as direct debt of the taxpayers, as the government draws its capital from much of the populace. National debt is usually classed as inner debt (to creditors within the country) and exterior debt (to outside financiers). State debt dominantly implies national debt issued in a form of foreign currency.

At the moment, the problem of national debt (for example in the US) is one of the key factors of macroeconomic stability in the country. On how the situation be resolved depends the fiscal capacity of the state and hence the stability of the national currency, interest rates, investment environment, the behavior of all segments of the domestic financial market.

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