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The main feature of the international finances concept implies financial activity not only in a particular country or region and can be considered as national, but also at the international level, i.e. can be presented as a supranational, international, or, as it is often called – the international financial system (abbreviated “International Finance”).

International finance is not an artificial category. It reflects specific financial relations that have an objective basis. Material preconditions of international finance are international financial flows, which are formed between countries in the form of: a) cash flows, which can be explained as the currency earnings from exports of goods and services and payment for imported goods and services.

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These flows can also indicate finance entities, but as they belong to different countries, they reflect the cash flows between the countries. b) credit flows, which are also mutual: on the one hand, the provision of capital, on the other – its repayment and interest payments. Thus, these flows result in the movement of financial resources between the countries. Their distribution is regulated by the exchange rate as well as tariffs and others regulations.

Financial resources are generated and used in the process of the international financial institutions and organizations activities. These institutions and organizations are supranational bodies and perform certain functions. The financial resources of these institutions and organizations are formed in two ways: through the contributions from individual countries and by providing loans to governments and receiving the interest. Centralization of a certain part of the financial resources at the international level meets the needs of the world economy. The economic conditions of formation of these resources are the development of trade and credit activity as well as general participation in international projects and programs in different sectors and increasing economic integration.

For that part, students, who write their research paper on International finance have to conclude that it is a complex system of relations, based on the movement of financial resources, their formation, distribution and use by the institutions of international financial markets and others international institutions and organizations. They also have to indicate that the main objects of international financial relations are states, enterprises and citizens, as well as supranational actors – international organizations and financial institutions. International financial relations can be established between entities in different countries, between states and foreign governments and international organizations, between the state and enterprises, and international financial institutions.

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