Research Paper on Non-Performing Assets

Non-Performing assets are the loans which are borrowed by the companies when they are close to default and that can not be paid. Generally, when the business is close to bankrupting the owners do their best to stop this process and they take credit borrowing money at the financial institutions with the hope to save business. Unfortunately, when the loan is not paid the businessman has an extra problem – paying the credit. As a result the borrowed money become useless as it can not be used for the solution of the financial problem. Banks call such wasted money non-performing assets, because in case of bankrupting not only the business is damaged but there are numerous problems which touch upon the financial institutions. When the bank has lent much money and the borrower has not returned it, the bank is under the threat of default as well, because it will not be able to pay deposits and serve clients without having money.

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Non-performing assets has become a serious problem for the modern financial institutions, because nowadays the risk of default is very high and it is not safe to lend great amounts of money for the unstable and developing young companies.

The problem of non-performing assets is quite interesting for the research, because a student improves knowledge on the financial institutions; learn about the process of crediting, etc. In order to cope with the problem of non-performing assets research paper writing a student should take advantage of high-quality and up to date sources (encyclopaedia, textbooks, periodicals, etc), devote much time to the process of analysis and evaluate the chosen topic reasonably.

A well-organized research paper is expected to include top-quality up-to-date content, interesting and thought-provoking facts and brand new ideas, because every research is the improvement of the research approach and methodology of the process of investigation. A good research paper should explain the problem of non-performing assets correctly, touch upon the factors, which influence the problem, analyze the core elements of non-performing assets and conclude the paper professionally. Furthermore, a well-composed paper should contain the rich methodology section and high-quality literature review part which proves that much work has been done for the appropriate research.

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