Research Proposal on Credit Risk Management

Credit risk is the natural risk for every lender and borrower and is based on the fact that a borrower will not be able to return the borrowed money or credit. There are many factors which influence risk management and all of them have different background. Evidently, most of the credits are taken by the individuals who want to start their own business, so there is a risk that the future business will not be a successful one and will bankrupt very soon and the borrower will not have the opportunity to return the money at all. There are also cases when the borrower simply does not want to return money, but it is a different problem which touches upon crime and punishment.

When the borrower can not pay the money because of the default or bankrupting, the lender has to think about the methods which can help him return the money back.

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Credit risk has become an important problem, which attracts much attention, no wonder every lender wants to be on the safe side and receive of the money in case of the unpredictable situation with the borrower. There are many companies which play the role of mediators in the relations of lenders and borrowers. They are called factoring companies which guarantee that the borrower pays the whole sum of the credit. Generally, factoring companies guarantee that they would return 90% of the whole sum of payment. There is also another type credit risk management which is connected with insurance. A lender can insure the sum of the money and in case of failure an insurance company pays the whole sum of the money.

The topic of credit risk management can be called a serious one, because the modern world exists due to credits of different kind and it is natural that the lenders of the credits want to receive their money in case of an unpredictable situation. When a student has decided to research the topic of credit risk management deeply and prepare a research paper on it, he should devote much time to learn about the problem more and complete a successful research proposal which can persuade the professor in the success of the student’s choice. One is expected to write a detailed successful paper with the logical structure, all the required sections and wise conclusions.

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