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Not just a famous person – a living legend – the artist Pablo Picasso was born in a small Spanish town of Malaga, famous for giving the name for varieties of wine. He was born in 1881. Pablo took the surname of the mother, because his father’s name – Ruiz – was very ordinary, besides the father of the future artist was himself an artist, and Pablo had someone to learn from.

As a child, his father allowed Pablo to finish his work, for example, to finish a pigeon’s foot. One day, when Pablo had a chance to perform a more extensive work, Jose Ruiz was struck by his technique, and, as stated in one of the legends of Picasso, he was struck so much that he gave up painting from that day on.

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At the age of 16, Pablo went to Madrid, to the best art school at the time. He did not studied there for long, though, but managed to amaze his fellow students and teachers by his craftsmanship. He became much more interested in the various aspects of the life of the big city, and immersed himself in studying the art of the artists interesting to him, such as Diego Velázquez, Francisco Goya, and especially El Greco.

Picasso lived a very long life, never ceasing to create. For almost a century of his life, he has experienced many creative changes, romantic encounters with women, changed dozens of luxury residences, and died a multimillionaire.

In 1901, in the life of Picasso so-called blue period started. At this time, deep emerald blue tones prevail in his paintings, creating a pessimistic decadent mood, it was reflected by such paintings as Breakfast blind (1903), Lean Meal (1904), and others. This period was followed by pink, African, and finally cubist period. Cubism originated by Picasso, was fatal to the culture of the XX century.

Many believe that the first Picasso painting in this style – Demoiselles d’Avignon – was the starting point of modern art.

Interestingly, how public did not accept Cubism at first, criticizing the artist spoilt with the attention, and how it was disappointed with he decided to leave Cubism to work in the neo-classical, realistic style.
In 1925, at the start of the Surrealism period, Picasso also began to sculpt and create some surreal sculptures.

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