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Parenting is purposeful development of personality in order to prepare it for participation in social and cultural life in accordance with sociocultural normative models.

This process is generally accomplished by the child biological parents, although the government and society play their own, often significant, role. In many cases, orphaned or abandoned children receive family parenting from non-biological parent. Others may be adopted, raised by foster care, or be placed in an orphanage. There is also a form of single parenting.

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The goals of parenting are still matter of dispute. In general, parents attend to the physical needs of the children, protect them from danger, and teach them common knowledge and cultural values until they reach their adulthood. No animal spends even close amount of time and effort to raise their offspring as human does to raise a child as a person. Parenting gets an exceptional value in human society.

Over the centuries, the concept of parenting has repeatedly changed and corrected. Jean-Jacques Rousseau (in 1712 – 1778) argued in Emile that parenting of the child should aim to strengthen the body, practice senses and thought, and to morally strengthen the child so that it would be person of ready sympathy and above all can feel compassion. Rousseau believed that a good parenting is a prerequisite for a productive adult life.

The problems of parenting are flaws of the process of education, when, due to certain reasons, the individual cannot produce some of the ethological stereotypes or, respectively, cannot assimilate certain adaptive norms. These defects can be relatively harmless, but they may represent a significant risk for both the individual and society. In the future, they may become a reason for the individual’s various forms deviant behavior.

Today’s society considers the matter of parenting a great priority. Students who study sociology will certainly be interested in writing research proposals on that topic. In this case, there is the history of formation and evolution of society. The young researchers are to find what forms parenting have taken as has evolved through the centuries, what impact it had on the great minds of the past and present, and what parenting styles choose modern families. These are the questions that any worth salt investigator must answer.

To cope with the writing of a successful research paper on parenting, it is necessary to consider all sides of this multifaceted issue. It is important to process a lot of the relevant literature and to separate from the lump a grain of true knowledge. The researchers, who withstand this task, will have to transform skillfully their ideas in a clear and readable text. Build the structure of the report and advance strong arguments of its urgency. Free examples of research papers on parenting will help students understand the complex rules of writing research papers.

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