Research Paper on Racial Profiling in Airports

The attempted attack on the flight Amsterdam – Detroit revives debate over airport security. In addition to discussing the security there is also a question of the establishment of racial and religious profiling in airports, of which Muslim travelers often become victims. Those who writes research paper on racial profiling in airports have to know that this method implies that the latter are subject to additional safety tests because of prejudices and stereotypes against them. A practice that many consider discriminatory, as the Council of Europe. “We will abide with the requirements of airports to avoid any problems.

While this not necessarily delights us,” assures the couple that does not want to see an abuse against him. “The actions of an individual should not stray tarnish the reputation of the majority,” said Muhammad Abdul Bari, president of the organization Muslim Council of Britain in his statement. Al Qaeda leaves decidedly no respite to the Muslim community.

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Although Islam makes no apology for fundamentalism and terrorism, Muslims are once again the focus of attention of the airport authorities. A few days before their departure to the United States, a couple of French Muslims delivers their state of mind of Saphirnews.

“We go to New York to spend a week in the new year. We planned this trip for at least two months. I thought 2001 was behind us.” said, Wednesday, Dec. 30, Amir Saphirnews. His wife Karima, 33, believes that Muslims are once again singled out in the wake of the failed attempt by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab against an American airliner on 25 December.

The young man of 23 had yet everything to succeed. Brilliant student in London, he is the son of a former Nigerian minister, became a wealthy banker. Al Qaeda, which claimed responsibility for the attack Monday, Dec. 28, stole his future.

So far, difficult to understand how Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab got aboard incognito. His father had reported his radicalization to American authorities in November. The Nigerian had been on a list of 550,000 potentially dangerous people. He came to pass metal detectors without difficulty with an explosive powder hidden along his thigh, he tried to activate using a syringe filled with chemical liquid.

According to preliminary results the investigation, the action was “prepared fairly professionally but performed by an amateur,” which explains why the passengers were able to quickly extinguished the fire.

Since the queues lengthen at airports. Delays are expected on flights to and from the United States. “We have nothing to reproach ourselves. I just hope that customs and passengers of our flight will not trust our origin (Moroccan, note) and our religion. Terrorists are not Muslims, they are rather insane,” Amir reacts.

Experts estimate that the attempted attack on the flight of Delta Airlines would have been foiled if scanners were set up at the Dutch airport. These devices detect indeed any objects unreported by the conventional gantry safety hazards.

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