Research Proposal on Racial Profiling

Racial profiling is the application of the norms of the law enforcement to the individual on the basis of the ethnic and racial background of the person. The situation in the world is quite difficult nowadays and the problem of racial profiling exists nearly in every country, even the developed ones. The problem is quite serious and controversial and it is possible to understand the arguments of the supporters and opponents of this practice. On the one hand, racial profiling is a shameful and totally negative phenomenon which is characterized with the stereotypical approach towards the person who is accused of committing a crime. All people are equal no matter what their color of skin, origin, religious views are and it is not right to accuse one of something just because of his race and ethnicity. On the other hand, the supporters of the practice of racial profiling claim that there is a logic in the accusations, because in some regions, area, districts, etc the criminals belong to the common ethnicity and the police has the right and motives to suspect the people of the common race in the cooperation with the gang.

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Racial profiling against the Muslims is also quite serious nowadays and the suspicion is fairly motivated, because of the enormous number of the terrorist acts which are closely connected with the representatives of the Muslim people. No wonder, there have been formed a stereotype about the danger of the Muslims and their profiling. The problem of the racial profiling is quite serious and it is impossible to solve it rapidly and the most useful solution is to treat people equally and objectively.

Racial profiling is a shameful problem which is supported by numerous stereotypes and it is important to solve the issue effectively in order to stop offending people without any reason. The student who is researching the problem on racial profiling has the task to prepare a quality proposal which would explain the origin of this problem, the types of profiling, the negative sides related with it and provide the effective methods and solutions of the issue. One should dwell on the methodology of the research and the sources used for the investigation in order to succeed in writing and persuade the professor in the success of the topic on racial profiling.

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