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RHCP is an American group funded in 1983 by Anthony Kiedis (vocals), Hillel Slovak (guitar), Michael Balzary «Flea» (bass) and Jack Irons (drums). First the group was noticed when performed at the «Rhythm Lounge». The quartet performed «Out In LA» and has immediately acquired its first fans. After that, the history of «Red Hot Chili Peppers» started for the second time – it was then the group chose the title. After the premiere, it took several months, and the group was offered to sign EMI record company.

To write a decent research paper on RHCP college or university students have to know the at that time, Irons and Slovak were related to another group «What Is This?», in turn, it also entered into a lucrative contract with the studio MCA. This forced musicians to part with the rest of the “hot peppers”, and they were replaced by Cliff Martinez (drums) and Jack Sherman (guitar). It should be noted that the style of play of Jack Sherman was different from the style of RHCP.

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The debut album «The Red Hot Chili Peppers» was produced by Andy Gill, who strongly pushed on the musicians, so there were tensions between them. The first RHCP record was released on August 10, 1984, but had no financial success. Due to bad relation between Anthony Kiedis and Sherman the latter had to resign.

However, luckily for the band, Slovak decided to return right on time.

The second album was produced by George Clinton. The album was released on August 16, 1985 and was titled «Freaky Styley», however, it also did not bring the expected success, although, in contrast to the previous record, it more accurately expressed the style of RHCP. In the same year Cliff Martinez left the band, but was replaced by the ex-drummer Jack Irons.

Michael Beinhorn was the producer of the band next, the third album. Due to the unique composition of the band, the new record «The Uplift Mofo Party Plan», which was released on June 25, 1987, has been successful. At the same time Slovak began to have some serious drug issues, which ended by his death from overdose in 1988. The death of Hillel Slovak shocked RHCP members, so Kiddis decided to leave the city, and Airons has left the band for good, saying that he will no longer be a part of what killed his friend. Bassist Flea decided to pursue other projects.

After a lull, the group began to record a new album, but needed and a new guitarist and drummer. Then Kiedis and Flea found John Frusciante, who shocked them with his technique, so they invited him to become a part of the band without hesitation. However, they still needed the drummer. The group tried Chedu Smith, whom they decided to have after listening.

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