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Anthony Kiedis (born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States, November 1, 1962) is an American singer of Lithuanian roots. He is the founder (with Flea) and lead singer of the funk rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers. Known for his addiction to drugs, alcohol, women, Kiedis is considered one of the sexiest men in the world of music, being chosen from 90 male celebrities in Hollywood as one of the sexiest ‘Vegetarians-Vegans’ male in 2008, in the vote made ??by the PETA.

Parents of Anthony John Kiedis (aka Spider, and now Blackie Dammet) and Margaret Idema (aka Peggy) divorced in 1968. Anthony lived with his mother in Michigan until the age of 11, then moved to California with his father, an actor in Los Angeles. He has a half-brother, James and two half-sisters, Jenny and Julie. According to his autobiography Scar Tissue, among his ancestors were Lithuanian, Native American, Irish, French, Dutch, and Greek.

It is by attending Fairfax High School he met bassist Flea and guitarist Hillel Slovak, with whom he formed the group.

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Kiedis has had many troubles with drugs, having started at the age of 12 years, as his father was dealer at the time. After the death by overdose of Hillel Slovak in 1988, he decided to stop taking drugs but made ??numerous relapses. It was not until 2000, after yet another rehab, when he finally stopped. He admitted that he repeatedly failed, but acknowledged that his dog Buster (named in reference to actor Buster Keaton) has greatly helped him to resist the addiction (as the latter had never been under the influence of drugs).

Published in 2004, his autobiography, Scar Tissue, recounts his life ‘s dedication to his rebellious rock star childhood.

In March 2007, gave an interview to the U.S. music magazine Blender, in which he said: “It is easy to be a junkie, is not easy to be one of the greatest guitarists of all time or a great writer.”

After more than twenty years of speculation, in May 2012, it was confirmed that the place where Kiedis used to take drugs, and that inspired the song Under the Bridge, corresponds to MacArthur Park, Los Angeles. The writer Mark Haskell Smith identified it based on interviews with the singer and his autobiography, Scar Tissue. In 1992, Kiedis had confessed to Rolling Stone magazine that the bridge was located on the outskirts of Los Angeles, but he said, “It’s not important. I do not want people to look for it.”

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