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Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson, born 18 July 1950 in Blackheath, Lewisham, London, is a British entrepreneur and adventurer. He founded the Virgin Group, has made several unsuccessful attempts to fly around the world in hot air balloon and funded the Global Flyer record aircraft.

Research paper on the topic will teach you that Richard Branson was educated at Stowe and began his entrepreneurial activity there by starting a student newspaper. In 1970, he started as a 20 year-old a company of record sales by mail order and shortly thereafter a record shop in London. In 1972, he founded the record label Virgin Records with Nik Powell. The company’s first release was Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells, which was a huge commercial success. Branson’s company later became controversial in that it gave out CDs from groups like the Sex Pistols, whose contract with EMI had been waived because they were considered too vulgar. He formed Virgin Atlantic Airways in 1984 and has formed a number of other companies operating in different parts of the world. In 1992, Branson sold the Virgin label to EMI. He became Sir Richard Branson when he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 1999 for his business success.

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In 2004, he announced the formation of a space tourism company, Virgin Galactic.

According to The Sunday Times Rich List in 2006, he has a fortune of over 4 billion pounds sterling. He guest starred as himself in several TV shows and was star of the reality TV show The Rebel Billionaire on Fox Television, where he tested sixteen contestants in the entrepreneurial spirit and love of adventure. Branson donated 100,000 pounds, to the McCann couple (Madeleine case) so they would not have to sell their house to pay their legal fees.
Branson is also dyslexic and sees himself as dyslexic.

In June 2011, Richard Branson turned along with several other prominent people in society, including Nobel Laureate in Literature Mario Vargas Llosa and the UN ‘s former Secretary General Kofi Annan to the UN because they believe that the war on drugs is one big failure.

Among other things, they called on the United Nations was the following:

  • There should be an end to criminalization and stigmatization of people who use drugs but do not harm others.
  • That governments are encouraged to test the legalization of drugs, primarily marijuana.
  • The campaigns targeted at young people with messages “say no to drugs” or “zero tolerance on drugs” will be eliminated, instead using other training methods.

Branson is known for his magnificent feats that he uses in his marketing. The hot air balloon that he has tried to fly around the world with, “Virgin Atlantic Flyer,” was the first hot air balloon ever to cross the Atlantic. In 1991 Branson crossed the Pacific from Japan to Canada.

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