Research Paper on Right to Privacy

Privacy is the part of life of a person who is not to be observed from the outside, and only concerns the individual. The “private sphere” includes any information concerning an individual that relates to personal data, relationships, health, mail, private electronic communications, etc.

The right to privacy is a right of people to exclude others from the knowledge of their private life, i.e., their feelings and behaviors. A person has the right to control when and who has access to different aspects of his private life. The right to privacy is a kind of barrier or fence that defends the autonomy of the human individual from others and, above all, against possible undue interference from the public authorities, its organs, and agents.

Generally, privacy can be defined as that area of ??the personal life of an individual, which (according to his will) develops in a reserved space and must be kept confidential.

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On the other hand, according to the Dictionary of the Language of the Royal Academy, privacy is defined as “the sphere of private life that the individual has the right to protect against any interference” and as “intimate spiritual area and reserved by a person or group, especially a family.”

In addition, the right to privacy is the power or faculty that everyone has the right to keep certain facets of his personality confidential, having as one of its essential elements the inviolability of private life, based on the position or physical space in which it operates, such as address, relational media, and correspondence, as well as objects that contain expressions of will or knowledge, not originally intended for access by outsiders or foreigners, which includes writing, photographs, or other documents. In this context, it should be understood that the right to the inviolability of correspondence is not limited only to the scope of written correspondence (i.e., postal letter), but also extends to any medium or system of private communication between people, as due to the development and advancement of technology, currently there are multiple forms and private communication systems such as fixed and mobile telephony, and email.

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