Research Proposal on Identity Theft

Identity theft is the crime characterized by the theft of the personal information of an individual with the purpose of receiving material profit. The term of identity theft was introduced in 1964 and it first it sounded a bit controversial because it is impossible to steal someone’s identity. The problem of identity theft became quite widespread in the second half of the 20th century when the developed countries started using personal information for the access to the private banking accounts, corporations, scientific projects, all sort of information, etc.

Nowadays the problem is even more serious because one can get access to the information he is interested in if he just shows the identity card and the number of this card. The presence of the person is not required because the principal thing which can provide one with the access towards the information is his card.

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Today, there is a risk to become a victim of identity theft, because the majority of banks supply their clients with banking credit cards which provide people with the access towards their accounts. It is possible for hackers and other interested third people to receive the access towards the account just learning about the number of the card. The US provides its people with Social Security numbers which are supposed to help organizations with the identification of people efficiently and if the criminal wants to steal the identity, he has just to learn about the personal SSN which can be easily purchased on the black market for 30 dollars. As a result, every American is at the risk of becoming the victim of identity theft and this possibility is equal to no less than 2%.

Identity theft is the problem which is quite widespread nowadays because of the growing popularity of credit cards used for the access to the banking accounts. The student can learn about the background of identity theft, the factors which influence it and the sort of crimes which can be committed due to the possession of the stranger’s personal information. The student can complete a good research proposal which would observe the issue from the different side and analyze it with the help of the reliable methods.

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