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Robotic surgery is a term that describes surgery with the assistance of a robotic-computer complex, allowing to achieve high precision surgery. Using such complexes has made possible not only so-called remote operations in which the surgeon operates the robot during operation and has not a direct contact with the patient, but also surgical procedures with minimal invasion.

The main advantages of robotic surgery are precision, minimal invasion, and reducing the impact of human factors during an operation. Other important advantages of this approach in the surgery include minimal painfulness after surgery, reducing the risk of wound infection, decreased need for blood transfusions, faster recovery and shorter postoperative care, the minimal risk of complications specific to traditional surgery, better cosmetic results due to the absence of large post-surgical scar , and no risk to infect the surgeon.

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The robotically-assisted surgery is performed through very small holes (so called keyholes) and leaves only a few small marks that heal quickly. In this case, the robot is fully controlled by the surgeon and his assistants, the operating risk is reduced to zero, and the patient virtually has no post-operative scarring. Robotic surgery is widely spread around the world, since the use of this technology may allow doing many operations that were previously considered impossible.

The history of robotic complex began in 1985, when the first brain surgery was performed using such equipment. The company Computer Motion was a pioneer in the field of medical robots with the AESOP used in Canada and the ZEUS used in Europe. In 2003, the company Intuitive Surgical and Computer Motion merged with keeping the name of Intuitive Surgical. The ZEUS was then abandoned in favor of Da Vinci, a new generation machine.

To understand fully the significance of robotic surgery, students must have a deep knowledge of the issue. They have to read a lot of specific medical literature in attempt to find out what impact has had such innovation on modern medicine. Talking about the indisputable advantages of this approach is also necessary to mention the shortcomings that hinder the spread of such technologies.

Writing a research paper on robotic surgery can cause intense interest of medical school students, which in their future practice will certainly have a deal with these robotic-computer complexes. And even if this task will be very difficult, the researchers, who had the courage to take on their decision will surely be satisfied with the work performed and the effect that this work will make on their professors. Free sample research papers on robotic surgery can provide the assistance they may need. With their help, the students will understand techniques used for writing top-notch papers.

They will see what rules you have to follow so that your research proposal be interesting and scientifically correct.

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