Research Paper on Human Computer Interaction

Human-computer interaction (HCI) is a multidisciplinary research area, existing and evolving in order to improve the design, evaluation, and implementation of the interactive computer systems intended for human use, as well as to study the various aspects of this use.

The human-computer interaction discipline studies design and planning of the people-computers interaction. Often, it is viewed as a combination of behavioral sciences, computer science, engineering, and other tangible studies.

An important criterion for the HCI development is an individual and accurate approach, as poorly designed interfaces can cause many unforeseen problems. As an example of such troubles, we can mention the nuclear power plant accident at Three Mile Island, where in the course of the investigation it was found that the improperly designed interface caused the disaster. Similarly, the manufacturers desire to use non-standard aircraft instruments and / or the location of the wheel often resulted in accident. Although it was assumed that the new design was more sophisticated and comfortable in terms of human-computer interaction, the pilots preferred “standard” solutions and thus a conceptually good idea did not lead to the desired results.

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The main task of human-computer interaction is to increase usability of the existing computers’ interfaces by adjusting it to more cognitively-intuitive model, which should be more responsive to the needs of users.

Human-computer interaction was developed in the context of divergent scientific vectors (computer graphics, engineering psychology, ergonomics, organization theory, cognitive science, computer science and many others)

The beginning phase of ergonomic human-computer interaction can be considered a Sutherland thesis, which determined the development of computer graphics as a science. At the same time computer graphics was in need of ergonomic projects for the effective management of the complex models of the CAD / CAM systems. Scientific studies have developed the tools without which it is difficult to work with computer now.

Ergonomic studies have also emphasized the relation of working conditions with the causes of stress, such as routine work, continuous sitting, visual perception of the images on the display, and many others, which earlier had not been considered as interconnected.

University and college students, choosing Human-computer interaction as the subject for their future scientific project, have to realize clearly the significance of the chosen topic. Today, the development of effective and user-friendly interfaces is an urgent scientific problem.

Investigators have to focus all their energy in order to be able to understand all the various aspects of this complex phenomenon.

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