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Science education is an area of research that is dedicated to sharing information related to science (with respect to its content and processes) with those, who are not in any sense related to the scientific community. These may people of all layers of society, but mostly are children and students. This area traditionally concerns Social sciences and some concepts of Pedagogy.

In science education, one has the opportunity to participate in decision making in a critical way, and understanding of the processes of science and technology in the world in which we live. Thus, the school has a new role in this scenario, to provide an effective science education. To achieve this goal, the model of learning in traditional school must undergo a change, failing to use the argument from authority (purely informative and decorative) and prioritizing the argumentation and dialogue in a quest for creative decision making.

Science education is seen as one of the twenty-first century skills, considering this century marked by “knowledge society.” In Science education, the authority of the argument of a teacher overlaps with the authority argument of a student.

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The issue of teacher as the only training subject is revisited from the perspective of science education and now various scenarios of teacher-author-student communication are possible. Today, we can see new forms of producing authored texts with reasoning and argumentation, as the wikipedia site where anyone can edit texts.

In the proposal of Science education, students seek the ability to learn using method, planning and developing research, providing the capability of argument and counter-argument and by this the ability of knowing how to think.

Science education in the basic education should provide an extensive research program for the student to learn how to think and learn and explore how teachers could help change the instructional thought for working with students.

William Sharp is known as the first science teacher at a British public school. Sharp established the discipline of science to the curriculum in the school of Rugby in 1850. Therefore, he is known as the developer of the model for teaching science in the British Public Schools. This episode can be considered as the conception of science education in the world.

In Brazil, during the nineteenth century, the curriculum was marked predominantly by the classical literary tradition and legacy of the Jesuits. Despite the encouragement of Dom Pedro II, and positivist discourse of Brazilian intellectuals, as Rui Barbosa, in favor of science education, it had a low priority in the school curriculum. Only in the 1930s, a process of searching for their innovation began. The process began with a curriculum update and then continued with the production of experiments kits in the 1950s, culminating with the start of production of materials by Brazilian educators in the 1970s.

It was also from the 1970s when the research in the area of ??science education had effectively start in Brazil.

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