Research Paper on Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is an activity that takes place underwater with the help of some kind of breathing gas (such as air, nitrox, trimix, or heliox).

The most common scenario is that you bring the gas in one or two balloons attached on the back. In earlier times a diving bell was used for that purpose.

A variant of scuba diving is freediving, when the diver inhales the air above the water before diving.

The first divers with air supply were Assyrian soldiers in 900 BC, depicted by Aristotle approximately 350 BC, which used inverted pots as air pocket under water.

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During the 1600-1700’s the diving bell was used for exploration under the waters. In the 1800s, the diving suit was invented. It has land-based air supply through the pump and hose. The helmet and the shoes were made ??of copper and weights were hanging on the chest and back. Scary stories were told of hose failure where the reverse inlet valve did not function and major parts of the diver found in the helmet “cramming” up through the hose.

In late 1942, Emile Gagnan completed the first prototype of today’s modern, open, air regulator.

Jacques-Yves Cousteau and his two comrades Philippe Tailliez and Frederic Dumas tested the prototype in the Marne River. The first dive was documented and turned into the movie Couples Dix – Huit Metres the Fund. The new invention was well received in the Navy and was used to clear mines fields after the war.

1961, the salvation of the warship Vasa became a great achievement and testament to the advancement in the art of staying under water.

Today we can see how advanced respiratory gases, closed systems, and dive computers becoming more readily available and with it, the technical diving is gaining popularity.

When diving, the man goes into an environment for which he is not created by his biological systems and in which he can survive without technical support only for a short time. In addition, there are few other occasions when a person is directly confronted with different physical conditions, such as during scuba diving.

Statistically diving is safer than swimming or boating and safer than many sports out of the water.

However, each type of diving has its special dangers and potential risks, so it is necessary to take a solid immersion training to learn the theoretical and practical knowledge in dealing with the diving equipment, as well as transition planning and the correct behavior in the water. Diving organizations offer courses where divers can learn and expand their knowledge and skills.

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